She Just Keeps on Running

September 09, 2012 by John Andrew Williams

I live near Grant High School in Portland, Oregon.  It’s beautiful.  And Portland often has ideal weather for running.

In the mornings, I often see a runner with a golden retriever on a leash tied around her waist. She runs really heavy on her feet and her running form is horrible.  It actually looks painful.

Yet she just keeps on running.

And she wears t-shirts from past marathons.

I find myself wanting to correct her form and tell her how to run better.  But then I catch myself and think, “She runs way more days than I do.  She’s run way more marathons than I have.  Who am I to criticize her?”

Instead, I now find myself cheering her on, as if she’s running for the sake of everyone reaching for that next level.

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