Once Upon a Time

November 02, 2012 by John Andrew Williams

Once upon a time, there was a college graduate who found a job.

Once upon a time there was a student, who got good grades in high school and went to a good college.  The student tried really hard in college.  He got great grades.  He graduated.

He then applied to several interesting job openings.  He was interviewed.

He got a job!

And for several years he worked diligently with the same company.

Unfortunately (or not) like most fairy-tales, it’s not “real life.”

The ‘or not’ part is up to you.  While the opportunity to live the fairytale of getting an interesting job on just the merits of earning a college degree dwindle, other opportunities to be proactive and start something interesting or develop your skill set on your own have multiplied.

Source: Sandy on Pinterest

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