Most Stressful Time in the Academic Year… Solution? Drink Water

July 06, 2012 by John Andrew Williams

End of April, early May is the most stressful time for high school students. Finals are coming up. Year-end grades. Summer is close but not close enough. Pretty depressing.

But here’s my all-time favorite tip to beat end-of-year stress: Drink Water.

Here are five reasons why students (especially high school students) need to carry a water bottle:

  1. Thirsty people are grumpy. It’s hard to study when you’re grumpy.
  2. It’s lame to have to ask someone to get a drink of water. I feel bad for students. I really do. Imagine an adult, “Um… excuse me boss, but can I be excused to get a drink of water?” Carrying a water bottle is a way around lame rules.
  3. Feel Better. It’s a scientific fact. People who drink water feel better.
  4. Better focus. Drinking water helps the brain focus and think better.
  5. Better sleep. Apparently drinking water before bed is a great idea that leads to deeper, more restful sleep.

And here’s one final reason..

Look Better. Apparently drinking lots of water makes skin more hydrated and look better.

Sometimes it’s the little things that end of making a big difference. In the most stressful time in the academic year, drinking water is one of those little and often overlooked actions that make a big difference.

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