Leadership Programs that Change Girls' Lives: An Interview with Gloria Manchester

February 01, 2016 by John Andrew Williams

As a company that trains and certifies coaches, it is always fascinating to see the vast ways that life coaching and life coaching concepts are being applied in the world. From leadership programs for corporate executives to nonprofits for at-risk youth to classroom curriculums, the possibilities within the coaching field are endless. This is part of what makes life coaching such an exciting field; it is versatile and the concepts are valuable to everyone.

This versatility also makes connecting with other coaches so rewarding. John Williams, the founder of Academic Life Coaching, recently sat down with Gloria Manchester, the President of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP) to discuss her leadership programs and the work she is doing with young people. Hearing her story was truly inspiring, and it reminds us of the great work we can do as coaches.

Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP)

Gloria is the President of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP), where she is responsible for designing, marketing, coaching and facilitating its various personal and professional development programs. LEAP provides personal and professional development programs for individuals and businesses through skill-building and leadership workshops.

Much of her work with teens began later on, after taking a women’s leadership course with some of her close friends.

“We were all business women.. and we got out of the leadership program and said that we wanted to do something hands on. We wanted to serve a particular population, and so I applied to get a nonprofit.”

After that, Gloria and her friends met up for a retreat, where they learned that a number of them had been sexually abused as children. In that moment, the women decided that teens, specifically those who had been sexually abused, would be the population they would serve.

Child Abuse Resolved through Education (CARTE) and the STARR Teen Esteem and Leadership Program

Gloria cofounded the nonprofit CARTE (Child Abuse Resolved through Education), of which she is currently the President. This 501C3 organization is majorly supported by LEAP, and was the beginning of Gloria’s work with teens.

What started out as nonprofit, focused on serving teens who had been sexually abused, has evolved into the STARR Teen Esteem and Leadership programs. These programs are designed to help at-risk teenage girls develop a strong sense of self and thrive in the future.

“Every teen is struggling with something and there is a commonality of struggling. I think it comes from kids not being kind to each other at school and the kind of bullying that’s going on.. And kids who are not really gregarious and who don’t have the kinds of skills to handle that are being hurt by it. They’re not expanding themselves or growing and developing.“

According to Gloria, “A cup of pain is a cup of pain”, and her biggest realization after working with teens is that so many of them are struggling, even those who has not been abused. “They all simply needed a place where they can talk to each other” says Gloria.

That is where the STARR program comes into play. The programs are both in person and virtual, and the girls benefit from both group therapeutic coaching sessions and extended one-on-one coaching. The girls get to share their struggles, and they learn how to overcome the sabotages in their lives, build trust, and develop leadership skills that will allow them to be more confident and influential in the future.

Gloria has also taken the 2.5-Day STARR Life Course for Teens to another market, now offering it to parents, for their teenage boys and girls who may be struggling as a result of bullying, low self-esteem, or any negative event that has occurred in their lives.

About Gloria Manchester

Gloria has been a pioneer and a bold leader in the leadership arena for over 30 years. She co-authored the Amazon Bestseller, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking your Life! She was certified several years ago as a life coach by Coach Training Alliance (CTACC) and is now an accredited International Coach Federation (ICF)-ACC. She is also a Color Code Interpersonal Skills Trainer, and an Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Nutritional Coach. Gloria is also one of the women featured in the 2010 Mary Ann Halpin book Fearless Women-Fearless Wisdom.

She has two grown children who are both thriving in their respective professions, and she is the proud grandmother of three grandsons, and one granddaughter.

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