By John Andrew Williams

School's Sacrifice

John Andrew WilliamsSep 19

Would you rather have a student (or a kid) fail every class except Math where she excels, doing college level Calculus in 8th grade, or a student (or kid) who gets straight A’s performing at grade level? The real tragedy is that her peers wouldn’t understand, she’d wouldn’t fit in, and she wouldn’t pass the []


Grades as a Limit

John Andrew WilliamsSep 18

Schools, parents, and students often point to grades as a measurement of success.  It’s easier to crack the history book and put in the two hours of reading if you know that you have to take a test the next day. The problem is that grades are a lousy crutch and encourage students to do []


How Do You Measure the Quality of Your Life?

John Andrew WilliamsSep 18

How do you measure the quality of your life? The grades you’re getting? The amount of fun you’re having? How clean your room is? The fulfillment in your relationships? The great weekend you had? The vacations you take? The number of friends you have? The quality of your friendships? The amount of money in your []


How much time needs to go by before I see results?

John Andrew WilliamsSep 18

First Answer: None. Second Answer: It Depends. When making a necessary change, like deciding to go on a run or workout regularly, the resulting feeling of well-being is immediate. The feeling of relief is almost tangible. In looking for long-term results, like losing weight or getting a solid end-of-year report card, it usually takes more []


Beating Mental Inertia

John Andrew WilliamsSep 17

The first five minutes. In my work as an Academic Life Coach, I’ve found myself very interested in the process people use in the last few minutes of wrapping up an activity and the first few minutes of starting a new task. Newton’s First Law states that an object at rest will stay at rest []


She Just Keeps on Running

John Andrew WilliamsSep 09

I live near Grant High School in Portland, Oregon.  It’s beautiful.  And Portland often has ideal weather for running. In the mornings, I often see a runner with a golden retriever on a leash tied around her waist. She runs really heavy on her feet and her running form is horrible.  It actually looks painful. []


How to Study for Multiple-Choice and 5 Reasons to Love Multiple Choice Tests

John Andrew WilliamsAug 28

When I was in high school, I got really, really good at taking multiple choice tests. Almost all the tests that we took were multiple choice. The school district bought a fancy machine that scored the tests on these little sheets with codes cut into the side, like the old-school punch cards […]


Managing Conflict Part II: The Peaceful Dorm Room

John Andrew WilliamsAug 22

Many recent high school graduates are quickly approaching the next exciting phase of their life – college.  Moving away from home means these teens will be leaving behind familiar environments and the friends/classmates they know well.  One of the biggest new challenges is navigating the roommate relationship.  Often paired together by chance or based on []


Most Stressful Time in the Academic Year… Solution? Drink Water

John Andrew WilliamsJul 06

End of the year stress can be cured by drinking water.


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