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CKA Question: A Client Asks for Career and Addictions Coaching

Coach Training EDUApr 19

This is the second practice question in our series dedicated to preparing for the International Coach Federation’s Coach Knowledge Assessment. Consider the question below, which answer seems to be aligned with the expectations of a life coach, and why. Then look at the explanation that follows. Cycle of Addictions Question A potential client contacts the []


How to Manage Coach-Client-Sponsor Interaction by ICF Standards

Coach Training EDUApr 12

We are starting a new series of blog posts focused on practice questions designed to help coaches prepare for the International Coach Federation’s Coach Knowledge Assessment. This first question measures a coach’s awareness of Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards. This is the first of the ICF’s Core Competencies. Consider the question and how you []


How Does Your Body Language Influence Your Coaching

Coach Training EDUApr 10

Body Language and Confidence I had horrible body language when I was a kid. Every day I hear, “Stop slouching!” from my parents and teachers. The truth is, when I was in school I was almost always withdrawn into myself. I didn’t feel comfortable in the classroom, and I made an easy target for bullying. []


How to Coach Long-Term Clients

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Question: How do I coach long-term clients? When a coaching engagement goes exceptionally well, clients sometimes hire us for a longer engagement. Some coaches can even find themselves coaching the same individual for 2 or more years. Coaches who begin working with long-term clients sometimes ask: How do I make sure my coaching stays fresh and relevant []


How to Adjust the Direction of Coaching Sessions

Coach Training EDUOct 12

Clients invest a great deal in their coaches. How can a coach help a client get the most out of their investment through the direction of coaching sessions?


Measures of Success in Agenda Setting

Coach Training EDUSep 28

Effective coaching agendas have meaningful topics and measures of success. This blog post explores making agenda outcomes both helpful and measurable.


Helping a Client Celebrate a Successful Coaching Session

Coach Training EDUSep 18

So much creative work is done in coaching. This post looks at taking time to celebrate a successful coaching session or alliance with your clients.


Fully Exploring a Coaching Agenda

Coach Training EDUSep 06

Establishing a Great Coaching Agreement I am fascinated by Agenda Setting. It’s a weird habit of mine to get excited about things that seem mundane. My hope in this article is to pass on some of my enthusiasm for fully exploring agenda setting to you. What draws me to Agenda Setting is its power to []


Managing Paperwork in Middle School

Coach Training EDUAug 30

Middle schoolers have a lot of paperwork, and it can be challenging to manage it all. Not with the 5-folder system!


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