Future of Life Coaching in Education

The positive effects of coaching in education are extraordinary. Not only can integrating coaching concepts into classrooms and career or counseling centers be life-changing for students, using coaching as a means of professional development for school staff can improve overall academic scores and transform a school’s culture. With the amazing results we see from coaching, it is no wonder that more schools are implementing coaching practices and that more teachers and other school staff are being trained as coaches. This revolution in education has grown slowly over the years, and there is no doubt that it will continue in the years to come.

Future of Life Coaching in Education

Effects of Coaching on Students

Over the years, there has been a drastic increase in research related to coaching and its effects on student achievement and overall well-being. Students who have experienced coaching in school or with an individual coach has shown in increase in:

  • Cognitive functioning related to more flexible thinking styles and the ability to see alternate solutions
  • Academic success, including GPA and test scores
  • Ability to manage stress and develop action steps for success
  • Overall well-being and positive outlook


Effects of Coaching on Schools and School Staff

While the effects of integrating coaching concepts into work with students is a widespread research topic, so are the effects of introducing coaching as a means of ongoing professional development for school staff. Research done by the Annenberg Foundation for Education Reform and Elena Aguilar have found a number of positive outcomes from these types of programs in schools, including:

  • Coaching encourages collaborative and reflective practice in teachers, which reflects in their work with both students and fellow educators.
  • Effective and embedded professional learning promotes positive cultural change of a school or system.
  • Coaching promotes accountability between colleagues and the implementation of improved learning methods.
  • Coaching supports collective leadership and exchange of ideas across a school system.


What does this mean for the future of coaching in education?

The benefits of coaching are undeniable, and the future of coaching in education seems to be nothing short of bright. There will likely be a continued increase in the number of individual Academic Life Coaches around the globe, as well as a continued movement in education toward a coaching model.

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