Maggie Steele

Maggie Steele

About Maggie Steele

Maggie Steele is a certified life coach, youth advocate, and mindfulness coach for teens and young adults. She has a high regard for co-active, science-based coaching models grounded in mindfulness and has over 8 years of experience in the field. As a coach, Maggie offers support to both the youth and their family, and tailors her coaching session to support each client’s unique needs. As a result, the young adults she works with walk away feeling more comfortable in their skin, empowered to make decisions that correspond with their values, and equipped with effective tools to support them in the next chapter of their life.

Offers coaching :

In-person in the Portland, OR area
On-line with Skype/FaceTime, etc.
Via telephone

Fun Facts about Maggie

  • I wrote a book called, “How I Got My S!*t Together.”
  • I love swimming so much I think I’m half fish.
  • I moved to France when I was 25 and lived there for 3 years.

Why Academic Life Coaching?

As a child, I grew up with one parent in prison and the other struggling with alcohol addiction.  By the time I reached adolescence, the emotional pain had become so unbearable that I ended up turning to alcohol and drug use in order to cope with my depression.  The work that I did on myself and the help that I received during those dark moments is the reason I am here today.  Too often, we think there is no choice and that there is no way things can get better. I strongly believe that every single person (no matter what their past experiences may be) is capable of overcoming self-defeating behavior, cultivating self-acceptance and leading a meaningful life.  Our past does not have to direct our future and coaching can help us take active steps toward the life we want.

What is great about Portland, OR?

I love Portland because creativity and originality is acknowledged and embraced. There is so much natural beauty in the Pacific North West.  We have the ocean, beautiful trees and gorgeous mountains.

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