About Laura Noble

Laura Noble is a certified life coach, academic life coach and wellness coach. Laura works with a wide range of clients but really loves to work with teens and young adults. Laura truly believes that her clients will come to find their own answers to their problems. She is calm and patient and allows clients to take their time getting to know themselves and figuring out their solutions. Her academic coaching students have a great time planning their futures, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, learning how to organize their thoughts and time and growing into the person they want to become.

What do my clients get from working with me?
The result of coaching with me is that my clients are able to clarify and overcome the inner obstacles that have kept them stuck. As the blocks are removed, they decide on their next action steps and are able to change many of their values and behaviors that didn’t serve them in the past. I give each client all of my attention, encouragement, and support. It is a joy to help guide a student out of confusion and inaction into clarity and excitement about their own life.

What are my coaching superpowers?
I am intuitive, compassionate, a great listener, supportive, funny, encouraging, quick to get to the core of things, honest, direct, and passionate about coaching. I love working with young people! I also have experienced raising my own child.

Fun Facts About Laura

I paddle on a dragon boat team
I drove across the country at age 22
I am crazy about garage sales

Why Academic Life Coaching?

I had a very difficult childhood and left my family home at age 16. I had to work from that time on. I put myself through college with no parental help, earning a Bachelor’s degree. At age 22 I drove across the country to start a new life in Oregon, leaving my family behind. All of my life circumstances have made me the person i am now. With lots of self-reflection and counseling I learned how to accept and appreciate the facts of my life. I have a special place in my heart for young people who are struggling and need extra attention from a caring adult they aren’t related to. Growing up is hard in the best of circumstances and sometimes you just need to have someone who listens to you, helps you figure out who you are and who is your biggest cheerleader. That’s why academic life coaching.

What is great about Portland, OR?

Portland is the place people go to when they want to be their own person and blaze their own trail. It’s really hard to stand out or feel out of place here, which is so freeing. In addition we are surrounded by beauty, trees, and a million shades of green.

Offers coaching :

I offer in person coaching in the Portland, Or area
Online with Skype/Facetime

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