About Heather Siewell

Heather is a Southern Oregon native currently living in Central Point, Oregon with her teenage kiddos.    She graduated Alpha Sigma Lamda with a Bachelors of Arts in 2013, and is currently pursuing her first love, Psychology and will graduated Alpha Sigma Pi in the Fall of 2018.  Like a lot of things in life, Heather found coaching by chance.  She has always had a love for working with youth and after some deep soul searching a connection appeared between a love of psychology and research-based youth life coaching.  Heather holds several miscellaneous certifications such as AMSR, Cognitive-Behavioral training, and a deep personal and educational understanding for trauma which has led to post-traumatic growth coaching.

Fun Facts About Heather

  • I turn around 99% of the time and rush back into my house to make certain my flat-iron if off.

  • I hate slow drivers and chocolate cake

  • When analyzing life’s challenges, I have a bad habit of envisioning worst case scenarios.

Why Academic Life Coaching?

I remember being a teen and having that uncertain feeling about the future, I was honestly so afraid to make a wrong decision that I changed my major several times and cost myself thousands!  As an adult I tried to solve this problem for others by spending some time in the clinical psychology arena, but I did not like how it was diagnostic/treatment based and not forward moving.  A lot of teens don’t need a treatment plan, they need support and someone to bring out the best in them!   As I now watch my own kiddos navigating all the various pressures and life events placed upon them this age, I can see the value when a youth has a strong support team that helps them navigate life’s challenges, hurdles, and pressures and thus I fell in love with coaching.

What is great about Southern Oregon?

What I love most about this town is that my entire family lives here therefore we get to spend a lot of quality time together.   My second love is that the mountains, rivers, lakes and ski resort are all within minutes of each other, it is a very beautiful area with local artists, theaters, hiking trails and unique shopping all at your fingertips.

Offers coaching :

In-Person Coaching in the Southern Oregon area

Via Zoom or telephone worldwide

I have worked with youth from Southern Oregon to Los Angeles to New York!

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