About Makeda Gershenson

Makeda was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. At 16, she graduated early as a junior yet was not admitted to her college of choice. Makeda chose to explore her Chinese heritage by living abroad in Shanghai, China for a year. While abroad, she reapplied and was accepted to Stanford University. She developed a love for the performing arts, singing in an a cappella group and dancing in a Middle Eastern performance troupe.

After graduating with a double major and minor, she found her calling as an educator, earning her Masters degree at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She spent 5 years as a classroom teacher and realized there were conversations outside coursework that were necessary to spark deeper and more meaningful learning experiences for teens. She explored ways to help teens develop their Emotional and Social Intelligence as well as take a proactive role in their own learning. Academic Life Coaching offers the structure to support these important self discoveries. Makeda integrates her passion for performance and creativity into her coaching sessions, encouraging teens to develop dynamically and build mental and emotional resiliency.

While a passionate youth advocate, Makeda realizes that everyone, youth AND adults, need to build skills to navigate our complex modern world. As a staff developer for the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, Makeda trains teachers and school administrators in social emotional skill-building and restorative practices.

Fun Facts About Makeda

  • Wanderlust is my (third) middle name; traveling keeps me conscious of perspectives I’ve yet to consider.
  • I’ve been working on becoming ambidextrous since 3rd grade.
  • As a former professional dancer, I’ve traveled both nationally and internationally (Romania, Germany) to share my love of dance.
  • I love taxes… so much so that I became an Enrolled Agent!

Why Academic Life Coaching?

Because adults don’t have the answer! I’m passionate about helping teens gain skills to succeed, both traditionally and on their own terms. By cultivating curiosity and empowering mindsets, teens are better prepared to confidently approach challenges that arise. Academic Life Coaching acknowledges teens’ unique experience, gives teens the tools to think differently and courageously navigate the countless unknowns of our future.

What is great about New York City?

New York City is incredibly diverse. I meet young people with such unique life stories and experiences. My perception of the world expands each new person I meet.

Offers coaching :

  • In-person coaching in New York, NY
  • Via Skype/Zoom/Telephone worldwide

I’ve worked with students from the West Indies to West Virginia!

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