Virginia DePaula

    Virginia has worked with teens and young adults, most of them freshman in college, all of her adult life. She started her career as a Software Engineer right after her Bachelor in Computer Science graduation. After 4(four) years, she decided to follow her dreams in educating new professionals. She, then, pursued her MSc and PhD in Computer Science. During her PhD, she accepted a job as an associate professor at a university in Brazil, where she used to live, to teach Computer Science courses, as well as, working with students’ orientation. Her journey as an educator was only beginning.

    She finished her training as a Certified Academic Life Coach in 2014. She decided to pursue this career after helping students to trace their path of their education and young careers, including in colleges in NJ where she worked. Her passion is to help people, especially teenagers and young adults, to conquer the life they want to live.

    The last 2 (two) years of her PhD were completed in London, where she met her husband. After getting married, she and her husband moved to USA and lived in NJ for about 13 years. In 2014, a new opportunity sent them to Florida, now along with their 11 year old son. Virginia was raised in Brazil and she has also lived in Chile. Therefore, she is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    Offer coaching :

    • Locally in the Wellington (Florida) area (Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Greenacres).
    • Skype, phone, or Google Chat.

    Fun Facts About Virginia

    • Virginia was raised in Brazil, because her parents are Brazilian. However, she was born in USA. Can you guess in which State was she born?
    • Virginia has two sisters. Everybody find very difficult to know which one of them is answering the phone.

    Why she likes to work with kids

    I really enjoy working with pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. At this stage, they are blooming and I love being a bystander of their growth as people. I particularly like being a witness of the moment they realize they are more than students, more than grades, and they open their minds to the unlimited possibilities life provides. Watching them grow before my eyes is an enormous and happy experience.

    What does she love the most about where she lives

    I moved to Wellington, FL, about a year ago. When I started to look for a nice city to live close to my husband’s new job in Florida, I fell in love with Wellington online. We came to visit Wellington to make a decision and we could see how family-oriented Wellington is, besides being extremely beautiful. Wellington is the perfect place to take a walk, palm trees are everywhere and kids are happier than I have ever seen.

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