About Valecia Dunbar

I’m a Florida native who loves reading, writing, traveling, and the beach. I’m a graduate of the University of Florida, Florida International University, and the University of Maryland University College. My degrees include a bachelor’s in Journalism, a master’s degree in Public Administration, and a doctorate in Management. My overseas studies include two months in San Jose, Costa Rica as a Spanish immersion student at the Costa Rica Language Academy (CRLA) and the Instituto de Espanol. I lived in England for three years and completed my doctoral studies as a Visiting Scholar at Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK. I also spent time in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil as part of a cultural studies program to Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I’ve traveled Europe and have spent time in the Caribbean. My next goal is to visit Africa and Asia.

I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and high school sweetheart. We have two daughters.

Fun Facts About Valecia

  • I’m an Independent bookstore troll. I love collecting banned books.
  • I’m a chocolate addict.
  • I‘ve lived in seven states and D.C. Some of the major cities are Sherman Oaks, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE, Atlanta, GA; San Antonio, TX, Miami and Orlando, FL.
  • I brag that I have library cards from the Library of Congress in D.C. and the British Library, England.

Why Academic Life Coaching?

I want to develop student leaders.

I’m a Certified Organizational and Leadership coach as well as an Academic Life Coach.

My passion for lifelong learning and social engagement that leads to college-career-life success is the reason for my interest in Academic Life Coaching. The program is well designed and proven to improve critical soft skills, leadership skills, and academic skills. It’s the only program I’m aware of that addresses these critical developmental areas. As an ALC coach, I want students to have the skills and confidence to self-lead and succeed in life, relationships, career, and for themselves. I want to help them to be what they want and to get what they want out of life.

What is great about Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is a coastal city. The beaches are beautiful, the communities are diverse, and the history is rich. There is so much to learn and see. I love the fact that we have historical St. Augustine, FL to the South and Savannah, GA to the north. Of course, the Caribbean is nearby too.

Offers coaching :

In-person coaching in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding area(s)
Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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