Michael London

Michael London

About Michael London

Michael London graduated with honors from Binghamton University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. He went on to work in the technology sector for the next 10 years in robotics, military/aerospace, and healthcare technology. Working on the cutting edge of science, Michael understands the importance of effective study skills, organization, and time management necessary for success in any field. Michael is a certified Academic Life Coach and lead instructor at The Tutoring Center in Torrance, CA where he teaches K-12 math, reading and writing. He is passionate about instilling good habits early in a child’s development so they can have the ability to reap enormous rewards throughout life and reach their fullest potential.

Offers coaching :

In-person coaching in Los Angeles, CA

Fun Facts about Michael

  • I’m a drummer in a rock band
  • I’m a certified meditation teacher
  • I have the best wife in the world

Why Academic Life Coaching?

They have so much time to be anything they want, I think that’s pretty exciting.

What is great about Los Angeles?

I love all the outdoor activities and unique options that LA has to offer.

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