Cassidy Agustin

Cassidy Agustin

About Cassidy Agustin

Cassidy Agustin is a California native currently living in Danville, CA with her husband and two boys. After graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance from San Jose State University she began and continues to work in Corporate Finance. It was her personal experience in college mentoring other college students with everything from course selections to job applications and the occasional ‘what am I doing with my life’ talks that she realized she wanted to continue to make a positive impact in the life of others. That inspired her to go a step further, get her certification as an Academic Life Coach and work with high school age students to improve the quality of his or her client’s life, by offering advice on professional and personal matters, such as school/career, health, personal relationships, etc.

Offers coaching :

  • Locally in Danville, CA and the surrounding area.
  • In person, via skype, or over the phone.
  • I’m very flexible about location but found that coffee shops are preferred locations of my students.

Fun Facts

  • I am a Star Wars fanatic and it is a dream of mine to attend Comiccon (with my kids).
  • My greatest and most rewarding role in my life is being a mother. I have two sons who inspire me to be a better person at home and at work every day.
  • As a financial services professional (as well), I am passionate about working and connecting with women in business to build a community where we can inspire, motivate and empower each other.
  • Serious food aficionado

Why Academic Life Coaching for students?

I want to make a positive difference with every student I work with.  I remember being a teen and how it can be difficult navigating life and school. Even back then I wished for someone to talk with, be my advocate and help bring out my strengths. It wasn’t until college when I began mentoring other college students that I realized I can go beyond that and make a difference earlier in people’s lives starting with high school age students.

What’s great about Danville?

I live with my husband and two sons in beautiful and sunny Danville, California. What I love most about this town is the sense of community.  Also, we have great schools, parks, and a fun downtown.

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