Cheryl Quitoriano

Cheryl Quitoriano

About Cheryl Quitoriano

Cheryl Quitoriano grew up in Mesa, AZ and graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Business Administration. Her first job out of college was an end-user instructor for new digital business phone systems. Training became her passion and she stayed in the Telecommunications industry for over 15 years. Shifting recently to adult education, Cheryl was a student mentor and soon became a Program Manager that supports student mentors and their students stay focus and on track of their academic goals. After becoming certified with the International Coaching Federation, Cheryl was applying coaching skills with mentors, adult college students, as well as co-workers.

Offers coaching :

I offer 1:1 coaching with kids in person who are within 15 miles from Queen Creek;

I offer Skype or online Coaching throughout United States;

I offer group coaching with HS students in San Tan Valley and Queen Creek, AZ

Fun Facts

Dogs and babies fill her soul. She’s waiting patiently for grandkids.

Cheryl met her husband getting her black belt in Taekwondo.

One of Cheryl’s fondest memories is spending a week with her daughter on a dude ranch in Utah. They stayed in teepees and were on horses 8-9 hours a day herding cattle to watering hole and administering medication if needed.

Why Academic Life Coaching for students?

I thoroughly enjoy working with teenagers, 15 years and up, and watch them gain confidence.  It’s so amazing to see a shift from a negative perspective to a more positive one;  this leads to more motivation in classes that students struggle in.  The result leads to active participation, taking ownership, and attaining a better grade than what they had before. They are so proud when this occurs.  I get to see them grow, mentally and spiritually, right before my eyes.

What’s great about Gilbert?

I just recently moved from Gilbert, AZ to Queen Creek, AZ.  I feel like I stepped into the country, but am still close enough to the bigger city when I need it.  I just love it.  It’s a tight little community and the kids are great.  There is a great need of the resources I offer just because they are limited of what’s available.  I started substitute teaching 2-3 times a week to really connect with the High School kids and they have taught me so much  and what more I can provide them in my coaching.  This lends to me being a better life coach for them.

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