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Growing up with a mother who was an educator and track and field coach, Kamilah Lawson lived academics and sports in historic Alexandria, Virginia.

Graduating from TC Williams High School, she completed her undergraduate degree at Virginia Commonwealth University and, later, masters degree from University of Mary Washington. Amidst her time in school, she fell in love with education and the magic of high school and college sports.

After watching countless news stories this year about young men and women not reaching their potential…Kamilah felt compelled to act. She realized that many of the skills and strategies that she had been sharing with young adults through her years of teaching and work with the James Farmer Program, could benefit a larger audience. As a lifelong sports lover and having worked for ESPN, she realized that student-athletes, often more than others, benefit from academic coaching and personalized learning. Not only is she an academic coach, she’s also prepared to represent student-athletes’ interests as an academic agent.

Currently, Kamilah teaches English and Journalism in Prince William County Schools. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Kamilah has worked with countless young people, helping them blossom into well-rounded human beings through community based and cultural activities. She also is well versed in helping students attain scholarship opportunities as she worked for the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria as well.

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