About Erin Curran

    The youngest of 4, Erin grew up in Pottsville, PA, a small coal region town with population around 16,000. The first in her family to attend and graduate from college, Erin was highly recruited out of high school for both basketball and softball. She ultimately accepted a full athletic scholarship for basketball to The University of Richmond where she was selected a co-captain her senior year and received a degree in Business Administration – Marketing. During her time at UR she took a few classes in the Jepson Leadership School and was introduced to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. A lover of all things motivating, it was here that she began her continuous study of leadership and motivation.

    Upon graduation, Erin remained in Richmond, a city she loves! As many former student-athletes can attest to, the first 4 years following graduation proved to be more challenging that she thought as she moved from position to position trying to find her purpose and place in the world. Just before 9/11, the company she worked with took the employees through 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training. It was a life changing experience. She was downsized following 9/11 and while looking for new employment, she came across a company that taught K-12 students time management, organization, study skills and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens! Erin went on to spend 10 years serving schools, teachers, and students in this role.

    From the time Erin graduated from UR, she helped coach various girls high school basketball teams in the area. Coaching was something she’d always done – whether as a teammate, colleague or named coach. It was through working with her own life coach that she realized her deep desire to once again help students prepare for life during and after school. While she helps all students, she is uniquely qualified to help student-athletes become intentional about increasing their self-awareness and support system without the uniform. She understands the real challenge facing many student-athletes once their playing days are over and helps student-athletes make the transition less stressful and more meaningful.

    Fun Facts About Erin

    – I’m an animal lover, especially dogs
    – I’m a sports fanatic
    – I’m an artist (oil pastel and pencil)

    Why Academic Life Coaching?

    I found my passion for helping young people develop the tools and mindset necessary to succeed in anything while I was with Premier. During my 16 years working within the education space, one constant I saw and something I believe is that all students want to become the best version of themselves, many just don’t know who that is yet.

    What is great about Richmond?

    Richmond is an amazing city with a lot of diversity and a foodie’s dream with terrific local restaurants. The location is perfect to be in any environment within a short time – the beach is 2 hours, the mountains are an hour, and DC is 2 hours.

    Offers coaching :

    Offers In-person coaching in the Richmond, VA area or Via Zoom/Telephone, I’ve worked with teens from California to Minneapolis to Virginia.

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