About Clara Nader

Clara Nader is the founder and managing partner of ALTO Ltd., a coaching and consultancy firm that is striving to make a change in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern market. Clara guided hundreds of teenagers, youths and adults, helping them through academic difficulties, personal development, self exploration, and career and life transitions. Her company won the Global Business Opportunities (GBO) award, as the “Best Entrepreneurial Business Idea” during the Global Youth Forum (GYF) 2013 in Dubai. As an advanced step in her career, Clara founded “Thrive mind.body.career” Center, a coaching space towards self-realization. Its holistic approach is meant to be a life changing experience assisting you to grow physically, mentally & spiritually through a selective kind of workshops and programs. (For more info on the services & workshops provided by the center, visit the Thrivecenterlb Facebook and Instagram pages).

Her varied expertise includes Academic Life Coaching for teens and youth; Parental Coaching; Life and Career Coaching.

Since 2010, Clara discovered that her passion lies in developing people by guiding them into becoming the best version of themselves. She assisted in the organization of several initiatives as a team member, team leader and project manager and won an award for her outstanding contribution. Those projects were in partnership with prominent stakeholders such as Oxford university – UK, Salford University – UK, American University of Beirut, Ecoles Superieures des Affaires, American University in Dubai, and MEPI Abu Dhabi.

In order to develop her personal and professional skills as a Life Coach and Career Consultant, Clara acquired several certifications and became member of numerous associations and federations. She is a certified Master in Career Counseling and Life Planning from Kuder Academy in the U.S and a member of the International Association of Career Advisor (IACA). She is also a certified NLP practitioner and a member of the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NFNLP). She is in process of getting her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) and become a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Clara holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance, as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Finance and Human Resources.


Fun Facts About Clara

  • I love food
  • Best adrenalin rush is when I am in a coaching mode
  • I love intriguing and deep conversations
  • I am half robotized because of a total hip replacement operation

Why Academic Life Coaching?

I like working with teenagers and youths because it is the perfect age to assist them in creating healthy beliefs and habits. Most importantly, it is the perfect age to put them on the right track to self explore in a non-judgmental environment and to take crucial decisions on how to lead their lives.

What is great about Beirut, Lebanon?

Lebanon is a small Beautiful country located in the middle east. Most Lebanese people are highly educated and always ready and thirsty for more knowledge. Love for food, living life to the max and exploration is what we are born for. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, it is one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited more than 5,000 years ago. This Beautiful city is a fun place for all kinds and types of people, we are programmed to live each day as if it is the last day in our life.

Offers coaching :

In-person coaching in Beirut, Lebanon and surrounding area(s)
Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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