About Stephanie Lam

    When Stephanie looks back on her life, she feels that like in a jigsaw puzzle; every event is like an individual piece. Piece by piece, happy or sad, difficult or pleasant, they all combine to make her who she is and everything has been enriching itself in the meantime and prompted her decision to be a Professional Certified Coach that has created her Iridescent Life.

    Stephanie Lam grew up in Hong Kong and gained a Bachelor Degree in BBA and Master Degree in Training & Performance Management. Her first job was with one of the largest Japanese company that was just setting up operations in Hong Kong and factory in China; she ended up covering many functions. Once the company was well established; she chose Human Resources as her area of focus and stayed in the same field for sixteen years. During this period, she worked for a major US investment bank, a leading Hong Kong Trading company, a top French luxury brand and a Japanese pharmaceutical firm. She worked in a wide-ranging of Human Resource Function and played a pivotal role as a business partner at country and regional level activities in Performance Management, Talent Planning, Succession Planning, Training and Hiring for Asia, etc.

    Through these years of constant growth and achievement in her HR career path, Stephanie at times felt a desire to do something more but could not really define how or what that would be. A pivotal point came in her life when she was working eighteen hours days and felt mentally and physically exhausted. She took a break during which she undertook volunteer work where she would meet a lot of young people. Speaking with them she realized that they were often confused and sometimes simple conversations with them could help them to find direction and a purpose.

    2 Turning Points To Be a Life Coach
    In 2014, she accepted a short assignment as a Career Consultant in HKUST. She realized that she loved interacting with students and helping them as a proverbial mirror. Seeing them grow and achieve their goals gave her immense satisfaction. At the end of this assignment she was forced to think about her life and whether the time was right for a new career.

    In 2015, she lived in Houston for six months. She used this time to enroll in Academic Life Coaching 1.0. During this period, she hiked extensively in Peru and in Yellow Stones and felt that a balanced life could be so meaningful and satisfying. She came to the conclusion that we all have the means of making our life joyous and fruitful and we just need to find the best way for ourselves. She has made up her mind and decided to pursue her second career as a Professional Life Coach.

    Once she had identified her passion to be a Life Coach, she went ahead with her training with determination and in 2017, she was accredited by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Academic Life Coach and Global Career Development Facilitator as well as a qualified practitioner of variety of well-known assessment tools such as Harrison Assessment, Enneagram, Birkman and ExpAdvise.

    1 Mission – Be a Trusted Partner and Guiding Light
    To excel as a professional certified Life Coach, crunching every possible opportunity to help people realize their own life’s vision: discovering their potential, while striving for excellence in creating a lifestyle which is perfectly tailored to their needs and aspirations.

    Stephanie’s passion is to act as the bridge to connect with people and help them to create their own ideal life. She brings her 16 years of wide-ranging HR experience and coaching skills simultaneously helping and guiding clients. The objective is to work with people of different ages and background, to assist them in creating their life’s vision; identify their values; uncover their own potential and realize their career ambitions; discover what is really most important to them in their life and help them to progress beyond any inhibitions to achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

    She believes that one performs at their best when motivated, and one can only be motivated when aspirations and goals are identified.

    Fun Facts About Stephanie

    Stephanie loves nature and loves travelling, hiking, biking, skiing and diving. She has travelled to over 20 countries and walked around more than 100 cities. She likes travelling in-depth and she is a backpacker in essence. Her love for adventure led her to get certified as a PADI scuba diving Assistant Instructor. Her hiking record is almost reaching 5,000m and biking record is at an average altitude of more than 3,000m.

    She is fluent in Cantonese, English, Mandarin and intermediate Japanese which she studied for a year in Japan.

    Why Academic Life Coaching?

    She enjoys working with diverse ages and people of a different background. She believes students and young adults can benefit the most, before embarking on working within society. It is the best time to think about their life’s map and discover what’s really most important to them in life and help them to see beyond their blind spots to achieve their personal and professional success.

    She believes that everyone is unique and whatever their background have the potential to achieve a lot in their lives to make it happy and satisfying.

    What is great about Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is such an amazing city. It is city of contrasts where old happily co-exits with new, east with west and mountains with the sea.

    Views – It has the most gorgeous views, from the skyline at Victoria Harbour to the neon lights of Mongkok to the Peak to the luscious green of the country parks.

    Food – All-hours/weather conditions dining: HK is a foodie’s paradise. Want to eat the best egg tarts and dim sum in the city?

    Hiking trails – There’s a beautifully rural world within a hiking boot’s throw of Hong Kong’s downtown. A dragon’s back, deserted beaches, volcanic landscapes, feng shui woods and remote temples await your discovery

    Bamboo Scaffolding – Watch the speedy way the scaffolding goes up or is taken down is incredible in the construction sites

    Festivals – Hong Kong has embraced major Chinese and Western festivals. Want to see dragon boat racing?

    Offers coaching :

    In-person coaching in Hong Kong and surrounding area(s)
    Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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