Shaza Salaheldin

Shaza graduated Cairo University with a B.SC. in Electronics & Communications Engineering, yet it wasn’t long before she gravitated towards her stronger passions for Humanities and the Arts.

Shaza tutored English as well as I.T. for more than five years until she wholeheartedly embraced the gift of motherhood, and for several years onwards, was solely dedicated to her two beloved daughters. Eventually, after her girls had started school, Shaza established a Graphic Design Studio where she was Art & Managing Director for almost ten years.

In 2014, now enriched with Engineering, Education, Design, and Business experiences, it was time for Shaza to take one more turn on her journey towards self-actualization. When her eldest teenage daughter faced stress and indecision during her final years at school it was all she needed to see the relevance and power of Life Coaching for teens and the difference it can make at such a critical stage in their lives. Adding Academic Life Coaching to her previous experiences has now allowed Shaza to support her daughters, as well as others, at a time in their lives when they need it most.

Shaza is Egyptian, speaks English & Arabic fluently and currently lives in Cairo.

Offer coaching :

  • In Person in Cairo at a cafe or library
  • Telephone
  • Skype

Fun Facts About Shaza

  • I Love Flying. Besides flying by plane to every continent around the world except for one, I have also super enjoyed paragliding and have been on both a hot-air balloon & a helicopter!
  • Mountains make my heart sing, flowers give me joy, and beautiful hearts fill me with peace and gratitude.
  • My dear husband and two precious daughters have always been the wind beneath my wings.

Why she likes to work with kids

I find working with teens and young adults exciting and very inspiring. With their natural zest for life and their bold outlooks, its so worthwhile seeing them empowered with the self awareness, emotional intelligence, and academic & leadership skills they acquire through Life Coaching. Nothing beats the joy of being there with them as they find out who they really are, what they want to do, and how they too will be able to add special value to life.

What does she love the most about where she lives

I Live in Cairo, Egypt, where the sun never fails to shine, the River Nile runs through to calm all the hustle & bustle, and on your way across town you pass by one of the seven wonders of the world, the Pyramids. But what makes it all really special are the simple yet generous people with their warm hearts and eyes full of hope.

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