Lani Bortolotti

Lani lives in Ottawa, Canada and Palm Desert, California with her husband, Perry. She has two sons who are living happy and successful lives in New York and Toronto. Lani loves to visit them both and is happiest when they all get together. Lani began her career working for a health care human resources organization. She began as the Coordinator of Services and then was promoted to Manager of Communications. Lani also enjoyed volunteering at a local school and it was while she was there that she was encouraged by the administration to pursue a teaching degree. Lani taught for five years and was passionate about working directly with her students. It was at this point that Lani decided to become a coach. She graduated from The Coaches Training Institute and began her practice. Two years later, Lani developed her program, “Epic Direction” to assist her young clients to find a meaningful direction for their life. A year later, Lani had the privilege of graduating as a ALC Coach. Lani’s passion is to assist her clients plot an intentional and fulfilling life course based on their true strengths, abilities, values and passions.

Offer coaching :

  • Locally in Ottawa, ON and the area
  • Online with Skype
  • By phone call

Fun Facts About Lani

  • Lani and her entire family are golfers. Lani taught both her sons how to play golf at an early age. Her eldest son played Division 1 golf for Hofstra University.
  • Lani enjoys entertaining and is passionate about preparing healthy and delicious food.
  • Lani and Perry enjoy travelling and have a wonderful group of friends that they have travelled with for over ten years to many countries including Italy, Greece and France.

Why she likes to work with kids

They energize and inspire me! They are our future and I know that if I work to help them create an amazing and meaningful direction then they will be happy and successful and we will all benefit from that.

What does she love the most about where she lives

I am lucky to live in two amazing cities.

Ottawa is one of the cleanest cities in Canada with many parks and lots of green space to enjoy.

Palm Desert has some of the best golf courses and is populated with happy and healthy people!

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