Raman has lived most of her life in Surrey, BC. Through her years of living in Vancouver, she has seen many challenges that youth are faced with that deter them from the path of success in academics. Today’s youth no matter where they reside are dealing with many different pressures. She realizes the pressures that students are facing when it comes to dealing with peers, social media, anxiety and time management (to name a few).These various pressures act as obstacles that get in the way of their academics and that’s where she steps in.

    Raman’s purpose is to connect with youth, teens, and, university/college students and help them overcome any personal or academic hurdles to empower them to see their full potential, draw on their passions and lead a life filled with success and happiness.

    She begins her coaching with an initial consultation to answer any questions and to ensure that the fit is right between her and the client. You should feel comfortable with the academic coach you are going to work with to get the most value out of the client/coach relationship. The feeling has to be right where you as a client can be truly open and honest as you will be sharing lots of information about your personal life.

    On a personal note Raman loves spending time outdoors with her husband and 2 kids in their beautiful city of Vancouver, BC (host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics). Raman loves dancing, running, cooking and entertaining. Her favorite past time is to sit in a sunny corner of the house with a good book.

    Offers coaching:

    In-person coaching in Vancouver, BC
    Remotely- Anywhere in the world

    Please connect with her through her personal email at [email protected] or through her personal website www.path2successcoaching.com

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