About Raman Bhangoo

    Raman was born in Winnipeg and raised in both Calgary and Vancouver. She graduated from BCIT with a diploma in Financial Management and went on to work in the corporate banking world. While working full time, she earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Thompson Rivers University and currently works as a recruiter for one of the largest financial institutions. Although Raman enjoys her current field in HR, in the past few years she has been drawn to issues regarding today’s youth. When she hears or reads a story on bullying, gang violence or teen suicides, it stays with her for months and she feels a strong desire to be part of the solution.

    Raman loves spending time outdoors with her husband and 2 kids in their beautiful city of Vancouver, BC (host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics). Raman loves dancing, running, cooking and entertaining. Her favorite past time is to sit in a sunny corner of the house with a good book.

    Fun Facts About Raman

    • Favorite book- The twentieth wife
    • Favorite TV shows- Big Bang Theory, Suits, Scandal
    • Little fact that not very many people know- I went to a boarding school in India at the age of 6 and was there for 3 years
    • Guilty pleasure- when no one is home, I pump up the music really loud and dance away (yes all by myself)
    • Enjoys Running, Yoga and Weight Training

    Why Academic Life Coaching?

    My life’s purpose is to connect with people by having meaningful conversations and drawing out their passions so that they better themselves both personally and professionally.

    I became interested in the Academic Life Coaching program because I wanted to help teens realize their full potential regarding Academics, Communication, Leadership, and building Powerful Relationships. I have an easy time bonding with teenagers and forming a connection which is the foundation for an effective coach/client relationship.

    What is great about Vancouver, BC?

    I love Vancouver because you can be snowboarding in the mountains and in the same day be sitting at the beach enjoying the sunshine. The city is ethnically diverse and is known for its culinary scene, sporting events, and many festivals. You never run out of things to do here and I personally enjoy being a tourist in my own city.

    Offers coaching :

    In-person coaching in Vancouver, BC
    Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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