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Middle schoolers have a lot to manage, especially when it comes to the amount of paperwork they get at school. Papers take over students’ lockers and backpacks, and they rarely have any idea how to keep things organized. While individual teachers will have recommendations for organizing materials in their particular classes, students are often at a loss for how to manage ALL paperwork, from ALL of their classes.

The good news is that there is a method for managing ALL middle school paperwork, from ALL classes. It is known as the 5-folder system, and it starts from the moment that a student receives a piece of paper. Each folder corresponds to an action, the action that the student should take with the piece of paper he or she was just given.

The 5-Folder System

  1. To Study (ex. informational handouts or sheets)
  2. To Do (ex. homework assignments)
  3. To File (ex. graded tests)
  4. To Recycle (ex. old copies of papers)
  5. To Turn In (ex. completed assignments)

The most important thing to remember about using this system is that, while it is really effective, it does not simply take care of itself. Students still have to mindful about putting papers in the appropriate folders as well as cleaning them out when needed.

To see the full article, and get tips on how to translate this filing system to online or digital classes, check out Middle Schoolers Managing Paperwork, by Academic Life Coach, Culum Walsh.

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