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There is no manual for surviving or finding success in middle school. It is a tricky time for many young people, with academic work, relationships, and the ability to balance it all becoming more and more challenging. However, below are 10 essential ingredients that can ease some of the stress and lead to success in middle school.

Ingredients for Success

  1. Use a 5-folder system to manage all the paperwork
  2. Use a calendar (paper or one on your phone)
  3. Know your academic thinking style
  4. Know your learning/memorization style
  5. Build relationships with teachers
  6. Make your home conductive for learning
  7. Cultivate healthy relationships with parents and siblings
  8. Get your school work done AND have friends
  9. Practice effective study habits
  10. Eat healthy and exercise

Click here to see the full article, Success in Middle School: 10 Essential Ingredients, by Academic Life Coach Culum Walsh, and stay tuned for in-depth posts on each of these ingredients!

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