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Daily Coaching Question #17

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The question for today is:

Where do you find your happiness?

I just got back from a bike ride at Sandy Ridge, in Portland, Oregon, and it made me think about something I learned from Barbara Fredrickson’s talk at the International Positive Psychology conference last week. Fredrickson is a researcher in the Positive Psychology field, and a lot of her work revolves around happiness, love, and the power of relationships.

During her talk at the conference, she presented the idea that happiness is not necessarily a wave. Our happiness is not based on big things like a house or a car, but instead it is found in our individual experiences. Our experiences of each moment are what matter the most. Instead of looking at happiness as the entire wave, we can picture it as tiny particles.

Happiness is determined by how you are experiencing life right now, in this present moment. We practice our happiness every moment, and it is those individual experiences that make a difference. So my question for you is:

Where do you find your happiness practice?
Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to your thoughts and comments below.

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