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Daily Coaching Question #4

(Quick Notes)

Today’s life coaching question is not necessarily for you, but it is for you to ask a friend. The question for you to ask today is:

Friend, what do you see in me?

One of my best friends is moving to Dallas, Texas. We were able to spend one last day together on Thursday, and it was emotional because we knew that it was our last in-person hang out. At one point, our conversation turned to us telling one another what we see in each other. It was meaningful, and made me realize that alone, we are not necessarily very good at seeing ourselves or what we are capable of. Sometimes it takes a friend to give us that type of insight into ourselves. So call a friend, and ask them:

Friend, what do you see in me?

Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to your thoughts and comments below.

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  • Peggy Vert

    I am so glad that you jumped in and started your daily questions. I especially enjoyed the latest question, “What do you see in me?” I was moved by what my daughter really sees in me, and she was pleasantly surprised by what I see in her. Asking this question inspired honesty and mutual sharing. Thank you!

    • John Andrew Williams

      Thanks, Peggy! It warms my heart to know that these kind of conversations are happening!!!

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