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Daily Coaching Question #3

(Quick Notes)

Today’s life coaching question is a two-part question.

The first is: What breakthrough would make a massive difference in your life?

The second is: What field could you explore to help you get insight into your own personal breakthrough?

While speaking at Long Island University a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Met. As I walked around and explored all of the artwork I had an insight: the Met is a collection of breakthroughs. As I looked at the art, it gained new language, new expression, and a new way of being. I began to see that once a breakthrough is made, additional copies of that breakthrough follow. The Greeks borrowed ideas from the Egyptians, and their Contrapposto breakthrough gave way to so many more just like it.

So my first question to you is: What breakthrough would make a big difference in your life?

And my second question is: What field could you look at to get inspiration to help you get insight into a breakthrough of your own?
Thank you so much for watching. Please feel free to share your answers in the comments below.

What breakthrough would make a difference in your life?
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  • Jessica Rios

    Wow, that’s a great and tough question! In response to Q#1, I’d like to share my experience in college with an inspiring mentor who was a Religious Studies professor. Sitting in his office one day discussing a strong reaction I’d had to some material in the class that just ended, he helped me discover this breakthrough–> Authenticity was calling me. I was not satisfied with the offerings in the Course Catalog. I had very clear interests that I wanted to devote my studies to. I needed an interdisciplinary major that I designed myself; thankfully, my university offered this to students. He tasked me with examining the catalog to find the courses that best matched my greatest passions. It was easy. And from there, (to answer your Q#2), the field calling for exploration was the field where we look into how our social structures intersect with our deeply embedded ethics about how we treat this planet. I ended up calling the major Social Ecology and Personal Ethics. No, there aren’t any job posts seeking someone with this major. 😉 The path isn’t easy, but the ROI on self-determination is extraordinary. I don’t regret this interdisciplinary approach for one second. Thanks for asking!

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