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Daily Coaching Question #8

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Today’s life coaching question is:

Can I maintain my motivation, yet manage my expectations?

I constantly set unrealistic and high expectations for myself. Knowing there is a big challenge in from of me gives me a lot of motivation. Whenever I make my to-do list for Monday, I know that it is unrealistic and that it will inevitably take me a week to get through it. Daniel Kahnaman’s book talks about how these unmet goals are seen as losses, and as loss averse people, having a large amount of these is not psychologically or emotionally healthy. This has lead me to question how I can manage manage my expectations while keeping up the level of motivation I have. So the question pose you to ask yourself also is:


How can I maintain my motivation, yet manage my expectations?
Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to seeing your thoughts and comments below.

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