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Daily Coaching Question #2

(Video transcription)

Today’s life coaching question is: Can curiosity about the present moment coexist with anxiety?

I am a big fan of Todd Kashdan’s work on curiosity. Todd, if you’re watching, I love your work. Thank you so much. It really is brilliant.

Earlier this week, I was on a mountain biking trip. I put my new roof rack and my bike on top of my friend’s truck. As we were driving away, I noticed myself get really anxious. I get anxious a lot. Business stresses me out. I care so much, and here I am going on a biking trip where I should be chill. I should be relaxed, but I found myself face to face with that anxious part of myself. As we were pulling away, I checked the bike again, and I still felt anxious.

Then I applied curiosity in the present moment about that part of me that gets anxious. What I noticed is that my anxiety went away. I became more curious about myself as a human being and the different parts of me. That focused curiosity in the present moment felt like magic.

So Todd, thank you for your work.
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