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Daily Coaching Question #9

(Quick Notes)

Today’s thought and question of the day is:

How can I take larger problems and break them into smaller ones?

This question was inspired by my experience at TedX Mt.Hood earlier in May. In his talk, comedian, writer and mathematician Tom Henderson spoke about how math is all about taking big problems and breaking them down into smaller ones. We will always have problems that need to be worked out and solved, and math teaches us ways to be comfortable with our uncomfortability of dealing with these problems. This idea prompted me to try to break down my own problems and to-do list into smaller parts using my “rule of three.” By breaking my to-do list into threes, I have found that I am more successful and get more done on my list. With this in mind, ask yourself:

How can I take the problems on my list and break them down into smaller ones?
Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to your comments and thoughts below.

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