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The Universal Experience Beyond the Surface

I’m honored to be a speaker at the first Middle Eastern International Coach Federation Conference coming up this November 21st. Who doesn’t like a good life coaching conference?

My topic: the impact that technology, life coaching, and positive psychology have made – and will make – on education and society.

John Andrew Williams heads off to Dubai for a coaching conference

To say that I’m excited to fly literally to the other side of the planet (it’s a 12 hour time difference) to speak is understated. It’s a similar feeling five years ago when I had my first international participant take my life coach training program.

Her name was Rawan. She is from Dubai.

Coincidence? I’m not sure. But it seems that for whatever reason, Dubai has been the gateway for Academic Life Coaching to reach an international scale, and I’m eager to see the city in person.

What I’ve learned over these past years running so many life coach training webinars is that just underneath the surface, everyone is dealing with relatively the same set of challenges. Cultural differences, although substantial in some cases, melt away when you introduce life coaching concepts.

People have a remarkably universal experience once you get beyond the surface.

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  • Chester

    Dubai?! Wow, John…that sounds awesome! I wish you the best on your travels and conference, and look forward to reading your blog in the coming weeks.

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