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Recorded Life Coaching Performance Overview

This is the second part of a mini-series on all the requirements necessary to receive your ICF credential

To qualify for an ICF credential, you’ll need to create an audio recording of yourself working with a life coaching client. If you’re meeting in person, I recommend simply using your phone. The hardest part seems to be getting the file off your phone and sent to the person who’s going to be doing your evaluation.

Here are the steps I’d recommend:

1. Get a little experience under your belt by practicing with those in your training program. If you’re taking the Academic Life Coaching Program (and if you aren’t yet, you should because it’s awesome), it’s recommended that you start working with a practice client after Training Session 12 (half-way through the program). You don’t need to rush getting the ICF process.

Tip: Sometimes, it’s little awkward asking a life coaching client for their permission to record sessions for the ICF. You can simply put a clause or sentence in your coach-client agreement that you have permission to make an audio recording for the purpose of an ICF credential. The ICF has agreed to hold all these recordings strictly confidential.

2. You need to record your client sessions. Again, I recommend simply using your phone. I think it makes sense to record all your sessions because inevitably it takes one or two times to get a good recording and if you record all your sessions after awhile you stop thinking about them being recorded and you just coach.

3. Send your recording to your training program, or have it cued up on your computer so you can hear it well over speaker-phone. I like using Soundcloud to send and receive recordings. You can register for a free account that gives you enough time to upload the sessions that you need to for certification.

4. Schedule a time to meet for the overview. If you’re in the Academic Life Coaching Program, you can do that following this link to schedule a life coaching overview.

5. Relax and enjoy the process. Perhaps one of the most challenging steps, but also the most important in getting your ICF credential. The feedback process can seem daunting, but it’s also amazing in how much better you’ll be as a life coach once you incorporate the feedback into your coaching.

Repeat until you’ve completed at least three life coaching overviews.

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