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Today’s Thought: Your Action is Your Identity

I remember having a Life Coaching session with Laura Whitworth, one of the founders of the Coaching Training Institute or CTI. I was in their leadership program, and Laura was one of my leaders.
Laura also had cancer, and was most likely going to die soon, within the 10 months that our program was going to extend.

She hadn’t done much professionally in the previous two years since she was spending her time focused on trying to get better. But she wanted to lead one last class. She wanted to be of service.
She mentioned a few times that the work was keeping her alive. It was a reason to fight and get out of bed and to continue to do what she does best.

She said what she thought, because, why not. She was going to die soon.
She was fierce.

And I vividly remember during my coaching session with her, how pissed off she was when I was pittering around with my identity and who I thought I was.

I was 26. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was a High School Latin teacher who just happened to get a little Life Coach training.

Yet I vividly remember what Laura said to me:
“You are not who you think you are sitting on your chair trying to figure out your life. You are the actions that you do and the people’s lives you serve. Now get up and get moving.”

She died 8 months into our 10 month program.

She’s a big reason why I started Academic Life Coaching.

Thank you, Laura.

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  • Emily

    Wow, what an inspiration. I can understand your desire to be involved if someone like that touched your life. It sounds like there are a lot of people that her life effected, I’m sure she would be proud about the direction you’ve taken your company and your life!

  • Jill D.

    What a heartbreaking story. I’m sorry for your loss.

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