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Thought of the day: In your past successes – as well as in the present tense – what are the positive characteristics that you did and can rely on?

(I am starting with a shameless plug for Life Coaching just because I had fun writing it!)

We’re going to get life-coachy around here and build on yesterday’s post  to talk a little more about crafting Hope, specifically Agency and the belief that you can get something accomplished.

Part of why I think Life Coaching works so well is that it targets each of the three components of Hope.

(For review the three elements are: having a vision of what you want, creating a plan and having a pathway for what you want, and lastly a belief and motivation system in place to keep taking action toward what you want.)

It’s that last piece that often trips people up. And it’s precisely this piece that Life Coaching is perfectly designed to address.

So let’s get down to business and address it.

Yesterday you looked at a previous experience that you rocked and got done what needed to get done. You thought you could.

Now let’s go back and look at your glorious moment and ask yourself:

What characteristics in yourself did you rely on to do it?


On a deep level, what you did happened because you’ve got some inner-strength and virtue at your disposal. Understanding your primary internal assets gives you the opportunity to better use those assets consciously and in other situations.

It’s like knowing your superpower.


And when you know your superpower, you can better account for what you need help with too. Asking for help and doing what you do best is a powerful combination. It’s not like you need to do everything awesome. You can’t. And that’s the beautiful part. You do well what you do well. You can always ask for help and add skills when you need them.

For now, let’s get really clear on what you do – on what your superpower is.


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