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I read Seth Godin’s blog post today, and I have to give it a 5 out of 5. (Scale: 1 = boo; 2 = pedantic; 3 = so-so; 4 = insightful; 5 = mind-blowingly awesome.)

Seth’s Post in Two Sentences

Big organizations loose their ability to move quickly and lose their urgency and spunk when they’ve got too much to lose. In lackluster companies, delay and shirking responsibility replace the dynamic urgency of the once exciting, big-growth years.

Haiku form

When it’s working well,

Fear of failure looms so large.

What time’s the meeting?

Why did I give Seth’s post a 5? 

Because I believe that teachers and students in schools operate the same way. The aversion to failing at the risk of a semester’s worth of grades, teachers and students create a habit of avoiding creativity and taking on too much risk in teaching or learning.

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