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I actually had three, but one in particular jumps out.

As an Academic Life Coach, it’s an honor to work with young people knowing that the work that I do makes such an impact, not only on the immediate week or month, but in setting a new trajectory for the rest of their life. I understand the hyperbole and dramatic nature of that last sentence. But it’s true! And it’s remarkable to me how simple the conversation was.

I’ve been reading Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, and I’m fascinated with the process of young people finding a passion and developing their talents.

Out of our Minds book
For me the question that inspired the whole Life Coaching session was:

‘What do you really want to do, even something you may not think is possible, that really scares you?’

After a long pause she said, ‘To write a novel.’

She had never said it out loud.

She rarely even acknowledged that dream to herself or let herself imagine what it would really be like to write a book.

In two weeks, she’s going to bring an outline of her first novel to our next Life Coaching session.

Often times, the things that scare us the most are the most rewarding. It isn’t easy to start writing a novel or start your own coaching business. However, once you realize what you really want, everything leading up to it will all be worth while!

It will be worth it quote

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