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#1: Wait until you have tons of dirt and rock and then start building. #2: Work like crazy, then take breaks when you’re exhausted. #3: Find one thing you can do every day that will, over time, become a mountain. Strategy #3 is the surest way of building that mountain. What you’ll realize is that along the way, others will help you take big, giant leaps forward. What most people miss is the daily work that goes into creating something brilliant. Examples of daily exercises to build a mountain: Write and send one thank you note. Film a short 2 minute rant or skit. Write a blog post. Write 9 jokes. Take and post a photograph. Write a song. Write a poem. These small actions, over time, eventually become a mountain. Imagine over the course of a year writing 365 thank you notes. Imagine writing your 365th blog post. Now imagine that same action repeated over the next three years, decade, lifetime. It all starts in a day. What’s your daily work?

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