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The first kind is common: when something good just happened. It’s when a newspaper finally runs an article about you and as a result, you receive 300 emails in a week from people asking about your services It’s when you get into your first choice school because during a visit, you happened to land an application interview with the head admissions officer and you aced it. It’s when you win the raffle drawing at the school auction. It’s when you find $20 in the pocket of some jeans that you haven’t worn in three weeks.

The second kind is more valuable, and I think Henry Ford hinted at it when he said that luck was when preparation met opportunity and that the harder he worked, the luckier he became. The second kind of luck is being resilient and still feeling upbeat and energetic in the face of a setback and challenge. It’s noticing that a bank account is low and instead of fretting about it, gathering more information, making adjustments to your budget, and doing something that will actually help. It’s getting a bad grade on an exam and instead of feeling terrible and depressed for two days, really evaluating how you are studying and making changes in the way that you prepare. It’s staying with a problem for as long as it takes to take care of it. It’s a mixture of the guts to do what needs to get done and the positive outlook to keep it playful, yet effective.

The best part about the two kinds of luck, is that no matter what happens, you have the opportunity to still be lucky.

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