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I do most of my life coaching sessions with high school students in coffee shops. Currently, I’m in one of my favorite spots now, and I just happened to be sitting next to the door.  Here’s a picture.
From the looks of the handle it would seem that you would have to pull the door towards you to exit.
You’ve got to push.
Wait… here comes someone… yep… sure enough she tried to pull it.
Since the two hours that I’ve been here, only 1 – yes 1! – person pushed the handle before trying to pull it.
And I have to give people points on the gracefulness of recovery. Usually people let out a little ‘whoops’ or something like that under their breath.

Source: Liza on Pinterest

The whole setup has me thinking: where in my life do I allow a widespread mistake?
Trying to get to bed by 10pm but failing and finally turning in around midnight on average?
Not drinking enough water but picking tea instead?
I’m not sure, but I do appreciate the regularity of the problem.
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