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If you want that feeling of “more time” in your life and to truly prioritize your agenda, start by saying “No.” Create a “stop doing” list. Stop checking Facebook as soon as you get home from school. Stop checking e-mail constantly. Stop distracting yourself with media or TV or video games or whatever is. Stop eating bad food. Stop gossiping and talking poorly about others.

When you catch yourself wanting to do something to distract yourself… sit and do nothing.

The answer to being more productive is… to do nothing. A few moments of doing nothing can get you past the temptation to engage in distracting habits. Those few moments will take up a lot less time than a “quick” glance at your Facebook newsfeed.

Facing the situation and determining what most needs to get done next takes guts.

The first step in prioritizing your life is to put down everything else that’s standing in the way.

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