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Should I study and get this work done or hang out with my friends?

Should I go to bed early or take a break and watch a movie?

Should I eat something healthy or splurge on that cookie?

Generally speaking in the Life Coaching world, the word should is considered a alliterative cousin to a four letter word starting with sh–.

It’s to be avoided.

In each of the questions, it seems like there is a natural good choice and a bad choice. I should get my work done, go to sleep early, and eat something healthy.

Going beyond the idea of should I or shouldn’t I and good and bad, there is another basis of making decisions. When faced with a choice – and I’m conscious enough to check-in – I have two questions that I use.

  1. Does it align with my values and current mission?
  2. Looking at my life, could this area use a boost?

Each of us has own own process and questions for making decisions.

What are yours?

Make a decision

Source: via Beautiful Portals on Tumblr

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