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A ninth grade student loved pop culture.  She dreamed of being a host on a pop news channel. People thought she was silly and needed to think about something that could help her get a “real job.”  Fortunately, she didn’t believe them and didn’t take on the negative belief herself.Fortunately, she also took action. She started to create videos pretending she was like a pop show host and reporter for various sports in her high school.

She ended up being good at it and kept it up for three years.  A few great colleges accepted her.

When she got to college, she kept it up.  Once a week, she put together a show highlighting various people, professors, athletes on campus.

Over the course of seven years, she created 350 shows and had a following of over 250k people.

Now what do you think about her job prospects?

Do what you love.

The rest will follow.

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