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Procrastination is bad because you don’t get done what needs to get done, right?! Most students identify procrastination as a serious problem.

“I know that I procrastinate and that I need to take it easy on the video games,” James pinpoints as the most important step to improve his grades.

“I don’t want to procrastinate so much,” says Emily, who earned a 3.4 GPA this past quarter. (She wanted a 3.7.)

What they don’t tell you about procrastination, however, is that the main problem is that you don’t accomplish what needs to get finished.

It’s that you’re missing out on the peaceful, serene experience of knowing that you are doing the most important action right now that you could be undertaking to reach your goals.

The peace that accompanies doing what you know you most need to accomplish is profound and surprising. I have found the reason to not procrastinate isn’t so much to avoid missing deadlines, but rather so I can experience the state of flow and taking steps on the path that leads to my goals.

What’s the single most important action step you need to take today?


Notice how your initial resistance melts from the flow of actually moving forward and the accompanying peace of mind.

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