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Currently, I’m working on a project creating a documentary of leadership development in high school students.  I put on a presentation over the summer with 8 students and taped it.

The result: a few bright spots in a sea of failure.

Afterwards, I felt a mixture of exhilaration – I actually pulled off putting together an intense workshop recorded by four-cameras – and disappointment, because I have a long way to go to be good at it.

The important point in the project was asking myself the question, “Is the project important enough to me to keep going, even when it’s tough and I feel like I want to quit?”

The answer is a big YES.

Other projects, the answer is a big NO.

Knowing the answer to the “is it important enough” question is the guide to use for determining whether to stop and and find something where the answer is “yes” or to get up and keep taking steps down the current path.

What do you do when you fail miserably?
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