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I was speaking with a student who was working with someone on improving their SAT score. He was really trying to boost his score so that he could reach that next tier of schools. It was incredibly important to him.

Yet, this student found it hard to study.

The question burning in my mind: WHY?

What is it in the human condition that resists what we think will be the best path forward for us?

How many times a day do I hear adults (and students) say, “Oh, I know what I need to do next. It’s just that it’s hard to do.”

The crux of the matter isn’t so much knowing what you need to do as much as it is actually taking the first step.

Boldness does have a magic in it. I have seen many high school students in a Life Coaching program take steps that would have previously been seen as unfathomable.

The next step is probably the easiest as well as most elusive… and where I’ve seen most life coaching clients miss the mark of their goals. They don’t aim high enough, yet at the same time, they don’t make small adjustments in their actions.

Those small adjustments mean a slight edge is built over time.

A slight edge, coupled with the exponential power of time, makes a huge difference.

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