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The revolutionary idea behind a democracy is that the leaders who have the power also have to seek the approval of the people.

It literally unleashed the power of people to make more of their lives and trumped the outdated and ridiculous idea of a monarchy, where the approval of those in power mattered little.

Yet in a classroom where a teacher is seeking the approval of his students, things fall apart.

In a family when parents seek the approval of their children (and not the other way around), the kids rule the roost.  Things also fall apart.

Yet, a business that doesn’t seek the approval of their customers, fails.

It’s worth questioning who has the power and whose approval is being sought in any group and organization.

When a family, organization, or business approaches the question openly and honestly, it offers a chance for a remarkable opportunity to design the alliance between the members.

Think of Apple, a company who didn’t try to please its customers as much as it tried to please Steve Jobs, now far and away the most valuable company on the planet.

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