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A student I was working with made a small shift.  Instead of doing most his homework before taking a break, for just two weeks, he made the effort to plow through it all in one sitting.

Did it make him tired?  Yes.

Did it require a ton of discipline?  Yes.

He said it was in reality, just an extra 30 to 45 minutes.

The difference was stark.  Before starting this new homework regime, he would go to bed with most, but not all of his work completed.   The next day, he would have to finish up his homework between classes, during lunch, or in other classes when there was time.

After getting all of his homework done before going to bed, he slept better because he felt relaxed knowing that all his homework was complete.  He enjoyed himself more in school.  He was calm.  He said that sometimes he actually enjoyed going to school.  (Don’t tell his friends…)

All because of a small, but significant shift.

Afterwards, I asked him why he didn’t make the shift earlier?  What stopped him?

“I knew that I didn’t absolutely need to do all my homework and that I could get away with it.  So I did.”

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