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For the uninitiated, CrossFit is a trainer-led program that varies workouts daily, with the participants not knowing the workout until they are at the gym.

Here’s the core philosophy:

To be truly fit, you have to be able to handle any workout thrown at you.  No more predesigned wimpy workout schedules.  Bring on the randomly created number of burpees, pushups, 800 runs, and let’s time the whole thing to make it competitive!


Which leads to my next question… What if we approached education in the same way?

Instead of creating a predetermined map of curricula that specified each aspect of each day, we instead looked at creating a core competency of education that stated an educated person can handle any variety of tasks thrown at them.


  • 20 math problems


  • 1 short essay
  • 3 Haikus

Relationships and Communication

  • 2 phone calls to people you care about
  • 2 phone calls to people you admire
  • 2 thank you notes to people who have inspired you


  • 7 minute mediation


  • 1 Blog Post

Try it out! Post your times (how long it takes you to complete the tasks) in the comments below.

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