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My wife and I spent the weekend with a friend who likes to DREAM. Over the course of two days, he mentioned dozens of projects that started with “When this happens, I will…”

The problem was that the first “this” had a small chance of happening.

We also had the chance to hang out with another couple who like to DO. They sold their home and bought a cabin to fix up about an hour drive away from Portland. They spent the last two years renovating the cabin, which is beautiful, but it’s an hour’s drive from their friends and old community. Now they are thinking about selling it and moving back to the city.

Driving home I was thinking about

the differences between these friends and wondering if I had to pick, which would I rather be…. a DREAMER or a DOER? Of course, it’s a false choice.

The real challenge is to be both. And it’s hard to do. Perhaps that’s why it’s so rare to find that person who dreams big and actually follows through and becomes remarkable.

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